Levity Play brings together professionals with years of experience a wide range of relevant fields. We have Marko who has built one of the largest gaming studios in Estonia. We have Kaaren, the creative force behind several most successful Estonian TV-shows and as well as hundreds of commercials. We have Heiki who produces FX and VR experiences for the most prominent companies in Estonia. Then we have Lauri who founded his first company at the age of 23, sold it 7 years later and then co-founded GameFounders, the accelerator for gaming studios. And then we have 7 highly qualified specialists, each with years of experience in their respective field.

Levity Play is here for the long term. Come join us and let’s create the future of VR together!



Our CEO Marko has been building gaming companies for casual games which have made >$10M in revenue. He passionately believes that VR is going to be BIG. He brings the expertise of user acquisition, marketing, monetization and building the team.

Marko Mänd

CEO, Partner

Heiki is our Design Lead and Creative Producer for Estonia’s leading VFX studio FrostFX. His portfolio includes VFX for dozens of feature lms and hundreds of TV commercials. He’s also created several interactive VR experiences for commercial enterprises. With him our team is covered with concept art, high quality 3D assets and nal polish.

Heiki Luts

Design Lead, Partner

As CMO Lauri manages our partnerships and networks. In his pre- Levity Play life, Lauri co-founded GameFounders - the first accelerator in Europe to focus on gaming startups. In GameFounders he built up the mentor and investor network and invested in and worked with dozens of gaming studios.

Lauri Antalainen

CMO, Partner

Kalev is our senior developer (Unity C#). He has already three VR projects under at his belt and will make sure the crazy ideas we come up with get implemented.

Kalev Mölder

Senior Developer, Partner

Kaaren is our Game Lead with extensive storytelling experience. He has directed a feature lm, several TV shows and numerous TV commercials, most of them with major VFX work. In Hypester Games, he co-developed several games for Facebook platform, two of them making the Top Grossing list. He’s also an avid gamer, having logged many (too many) hours of Civilization.

Kaaren Kaer

Game Lead, Partner


Call of Duty meets Ender’s Game. Skyfront VR is a team-based multiplayer FPS set in an idyllic future where mankind has mastered the laws of nature. Around the world, cities of old have been raised to the skies and converted to zero-gravity battle arenas, where best warriors are teaming up to determine the ultimate champion.

Skyfront VR movement mechanics take advantage of unique characteristics of VR motion controllers and make for an intuitive and immersive experience unlike anything on PC or console. Skyfront VR has 5 distinct soldier classes, each with unique weapons and characteristics, providing for a deeper tactical multiplayer experience.

The game has 5-6 arenas out of the gate, from idyllic Cloud City to futuristic Space Metropol with omnidimensional architecture to support
the unique game flow that zero gravity gameplay offers. Initial game modes include Deathmatch and Domination with more to follow.

We are hiring!